Weekend Policies

COVID-19 NOTE: Check outs of all types are suspended, except under the direct supervision of a faculty or staff member.

Closed Weekends

The following weekends are closed to overnight check outs:

  • First full weekend after the opening of school
  • Weekends prior to exams
  • Commencement Weekend

The following weekends are closed to check outs to Sewanee – this means students are not allowed on the domain unless they are with their parent/guardian and there are no overnight check outs to homes on the mountain:

  • University Family Weekend
  • University Homecoming
  • Fraternity/Sorority Bid Days
  • University Fall/Spring Party Weekends

The following weekend is closed to certain places in Sewanee – this means students are not allowed to check out to restaurants/coffee houses, the Sewanee Union Theater, and other businesses:

  • University Commencement

Leave Consent

Leave consent allows boarding students to leave for homes on the Mountain after they have received permission from the TIC or AOC and an invitation by the host family has been given. There should be an adult present at the home where the boarding student has been invited to visit. The boarding student does not need to call their parent/guardian for permission. This consent can be for day leaves or overnight leaves.

Procedure for an Overnight Stay Off Campus

For a boarding student to stay off campus on Friday or Saturday night, the boarding student must obtain permission from the Dean of Students╩╝ office by Friday at noon of the desired weekend. Upon returning, students must check in immediately with the TIC or AOC. Students should return to their residential houses by 7 p.m. on Sunday evening for study hours.

Procedure for an Overnight Stay On Campus

For an Upper School day student to stay on Friday or Saturday nights (in the residential houses)

  • The boarding student extends an invitation.
  • The boarding student’s house parent gives permission and conveys this to the Academic Administrative Assistant before Friday at noon or to the AOC/TIC by 9 p.m. of the night wishing to stay.
  • The day student’s parent/guardian gives permission and conveys this to the Academic Administrative Assistant before Friday at noon or to the AOC/TIC by 9 p.m. of the night wishing to stay.
  • While on campus, day students are under the same rules as boarders. Middle School students may not stay overnight on campus.

Additional Check out Information

  • Checking students out by college-age students is treated like an off the Mountain check out. The current student’s parent/guardian should give permission for the student to ride in the car with the college-age student.
  • Overnight and weekend leaves will be granted only to destinations at which the school is assured there will be adequate adult supervision.
  • Overnight stays in hotels, apartments, houses, and college dormitories are not allowed unless an adult (non-college student who is 21 years old or older) will stay with the student.
  • Advisors, Dean of Students, or the Academic Dean may restrict leaves for students who are having academic, disciplinary, or attendance problems.
  • Students who have a Friday night detention may not go on any leave until the detention is served, even if important plans are disrupted as a result.

Short-Term Check Outs

Students must provide precise information as to where they are going (not just “Sewanee”), and the destination must be one acceptable to the school. [Examples of those not acceptable are the Bishop’s Common, fraternities, dormitories, and academic buildings (unless attending a class) at the University.] Our hope is that students will embrace the beauty of the mountain; therefore, the Memorial Cross and local views on the Mountain are acceptable during the day and for a limited time frame. For example, students may not check out there all day but must specify an acceptable amount of time, preferably not exceeding four hours. Students may attend a University social function only when participating in an official St. Andrew╩╝s-Sewanee activity with a designated chaperone. 

By following normal check out procedures with the TIC or AOC, students may obtain permission to hike or ride their bikes off campus. Permission for a hike or bike excursion in the woods must be obtained beforehand and a specific destination stated at that time. A minimum of three students is required for hiking or biking in the woods. (This policy allows one person to remain in case of an injury and one person to return for assistance.) Students must wear helmets on biking excursions. Two students and a cell phone are acceptable for bike rides into Sewanee or hikes on SAS property. For safety reasons, student should bike into Sewanee or Monteagle only by way of the Mountain Goat Trail.

In order to engage in recreational activities that involve a significant degree of physical danger, students must have both permission and adult supervision. Students may never go in the water at the Reservoir unless supervised by a certified lifeguard and an adult approved by the school; nor may students ever go rock climbing or rappelling without a qualified adult supervisor and permission from the school.


Main Number 931.598.5651*
Weekend/Union 931.598.5653*
Administrator-on-Call 931.636.4720

*Links to dial-by-name option and emergency contact

For general new and returning student concerns, student activities, and travel, contact:
Geoffrey Smith
Dean of Students 

Shawna Midgett
Asst. to the Academic Dean

Kelley Black
Associate Head of School/Academic Dean

Rachel Malde
Middle School Coordinator 

Derek Perkins
Director of Admission & Financial Aid

Rob Zeitler
Director of Athletics

Dan Monahan
COVID Coordinator

Melissa Gilliam
Director of the Health Clinic

Molly Short

Sherri Bergman
Director of Communications & Marketing