Independent PEAK Proposal Form


Students interested in pursuing an independent PEAK activity should be advanced students who have particular interests that require a significant level of commitment and discipline, that include competition or performance, and that the school cannot offer. Any independent PEAK activity must meet a minimum of 8 hours per week. The guidelines include good academic and behavioral standing and a minimal number of absences and tardies. Students must enroll in at least one regularly scheduled SAS PEAK activity each year.

In order to pursue an independent PEAK activity, students should submit a proposal to the Academic Dean for approval at least three weeks prior to the beginning of the season. The Academic Dean coordinates athletic and non-athletic independent PEAK Activities and will act on those proposals in consultation with the Curriculum Committee. The Director of Athletics will provide input on any proposals for athletic independent PEAK activities.

First Name
Last Name
Why is this important? What do you want to achieve? How does the program support your growth?
This could be, for example, a portfolio, report, competition, or performance.
Days of the week; Number of hours
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