Your Team

Challenge Balance Joy

is a team effort!

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Team Captain: You!


Your Family and Friends

Your Learning Resources Center and Learning Resources Coordinator
Learning Resources Coordinator Kim Perkins helps students and teachers collaborate to assess organizational needs and learning challenges. Strategies may include the development of time management and organizational skills, establishing stronger study habits, and/or peer tutoring. For incoming students who have diagnostic test results available or for whom we request such testing, the Learning Resources Coordinator will create a Student Action Plan that provides recommendations for the student’s classroom teachers.

Your Chaplain
As an Episcopal school, SAS offers pastoral care to students to help support their emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing. While the chaplain, the Rev. Molly Short, provides pastoral care grounded in the Episcopal tradition, she offers support to all students regardless of faith. Pastoral care includes grief support, conflict mediation, encouragement and support, and faith exploration.

Your Houseparents and our Residential Faculty
If you are a boarding student, you have the added benefit of additional team members, your houseparents and our residential faculty. These adults are like your parents away from home, helping you to make good choices and looking out for your well-being. 


Your Advisor
Your advisor monitors your academic and social progress via personal talks, formal meetings, and updates by other teachers. You can count on your advisor for help in dealing with issues big and small. This faculty member also communicates regularly with your parents to provide a vital partnership in your support.

Your Writing Center and Math & Science Lab 
The Writing Center and the Math and Science Lab, are open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15-4:30 p.m. Students may make appointments or drop in.  Students may receive help on assignments at any stage of the writing process, on math skills and in understanding concepts in the life, chemical, and physical sciences.

Your Health Clinic and Nurse
The school's Health Clinic is staffed by  school nurse Melissa Gilliam. Our nurse is focused on preventative care, including annual flu vaccine administration but is available to distribute prescription medications when needed and to care for students who are not feeling well. When necessary, students will be referred to a local doctor, and transportation can be arranged. The closest hospital is less than a five-minute drive from campus and maintains a 24-hour emergency room.


Your Teachers and Coaches
Need extra help with something you’re learning in class? Work periods are built into the day to allow you to meet with your classroom teachers. Each of your teachers will post the periods when they are available on their classroom door. Your coaches are not only interested in your athletic development, they care about your academic, emotional, and character development as well and are a reliable source of motivation and support. The majority of our teachers and coaches live on campus, so they are available well after the school day ends, too.

Your Tutors
Your friends aren’t just here for you socially, some of them have been trained to be peer tutors. To find a peer tutor, contact Learning Resources Coordinator Kim Perkins.

Your School Counselors
Our School Counselors, Paige Lowe and Rob Ferry, are here to help facilitate a positive and healthy school experience for all students by developing, implementing, and supporting mental health and wellness programs. In addition to providing direct services to students through programs, preventative activities, and individual and group counseling, the counselors provide emergency and sustained counseling support to students as needed, proactively communicates with parents regarding student well-being and counseling needs, and helps to refer students and their families to appropriate outside professionals for health and/or social services, as needed. The Counselors also work with the school community to establish, maintain, and communicate mental health protocols and train faculty, staff, and students on mental health, wellness, and abuse prevention.