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All Honors Day Awards

The following includes awards that were and were not presented in the Honors Day video.


The Mountain Mirror Literary Magazine Writing Award: Van Carlton Shanahan

The Mountain Mirror Literary Magazine Art Award: Elliott Benson 

The Phoenix Yearbook Award: Tanner King

The G. Sanford McGee Outing Award: Evan Fox 


Chapel Service
The following students served as Lead Acolytes during the 2019-2020 school year: Riley Burnette, Sarah Grace Burns, Archie Clarkson, Porter Neubauer, Xavier Thompson. These students served as Sacristans: Sylvan Huber-Feely, Lattie Michael, Van Carlton Shanahan

Students Helping Out Weekly Supervisor Award: Isabella Randolph


2019-2020 Honor Council: Charlie Barron, Sarah Grace Burns, Lucy Carroll, Harrison Hartman, Saje Mangru, Justine Rogers, Aidan Smith, Hannah Warmbrod, Jiaying Yang

2019-2020 Proctors: Cate Bachman, Lucy Carroll, Faith Daisy, Evan Fox, Harrison Hartman, Sarah Beth Hobby, Saje Mangru, Jayla McLaurin, Nneka Okolo, Morgan Phares, Gabriel Pongdee, Aidan Smith, Jiaying Yang


2020-2021 Conduct Council: Charlie Barron, Anna Bridgers, Erin Mattingly, Malachi McKinney, Luciana Mollica, Kathleen Perkins, Isabella Randolph, Jack Tse, Hannah Warmbrod

2020-2021 Honor Council: Charlie Barron, Jenna Black, Sarah Grace Burns, Archie Clarkson, Luca Malde, Kathleen Perkins, Justine Rogers, Breezy Rollins, Hannah Warmbrod

2020-2021 Proctors: Jenna Black, Sarah Grace Burns, Myers Gorrell, Zolon Knoll, Porter Neubauer, Isabella Randolph, Justine Rogers, Xavier Thompson, Payton Zeitler


Recognition of twenty-year faculty and staff: Tracy Randolph and John Relford

Acknowledgement of faculty and staff who are leaving: Jen Bachman, Harrison Hartman, Osei Hill '07, Jake Miller, Marin Miller, Marcus Murphy, Anna Palmer, Thomas Priestley '96, Sarah Lodge, Diana Rinck '15, Regan Schutz 


Recognition of state athletic commendations:

Cross Country
Charlotte Strippel – 27th

AJ Clements: 200 Individual Medley - 60th, 100 Backstroke - 61st
Will Hanger: 200 Freestyle Relay - 6th, 100 Breaststroke - 8th, 50 Freestyle - 17th  State qualifier in 100 Freestyle and 100 Butterfly
Zolon Knoll: 200 Freestyle Relay - 6th, 100 Butterfly - 20th, 100 Freestyle -24th State qualifier in 50, 200 and 500 Freestyle, 200 Individual Medley, 100 Backstroke
Porter Neubauer: 200 Freestyle Relay - 6th, 50 Free - 51st
Aidan Smith: 200 Freestyle Relay - 6th, 100 Butterfly - 39th, 200 Freestyle - 61st 

Iliana Pate: 140 lbs - 4th
Verena Pate: 112 lbs - 2nd

William Holland Varnell Manager’s Award: Harrison Hartman
Three-Sport Athlete Award/Four-Year Athlete Award: Aidan Smith
Best Female Athlete Award: Sarah Beth Hobby
Best Male Athlete Award: Aidan Smith


Certificate of credits to international students here for one-year programs: Justus Averbeck, Ivan Stoyanchev, Charlotte Strippel, Hannah von Giesen

Recognition of State and national awards:

The following student has been selected for the Governor’s Schools of Tennessee: Justine Rogers, Governor’s School for Humanities, at the UT Martin


Health and Fitness Award: Ryan Ostrowski

Performing Arts Awards
Outstanding Chorus: Morgan Phares
Outstanding Achievement in Technical Theater: Eli Wilson
Outstanding Contribution in Theater: Isabella Randolph

Visual Arts Awards
Studio Art:
Hannah Warmbrod
The Rosie Paschall Visual Art Award: Lucy Carroll
Functional Pottery: Sarah Beth Hobby
Advanced Functional Pottery: Iliana Pate

Chinese I:
Janae Rabess
Chinese II: Isaac Pauley
Chinese III: Sam Lu
Chinese IV: Zahnie Brown
Chinese V: J.T. Jenkins
Latin I: Meredith Foster
Latin II: Erin Mattingly
Latin III: Nneka Okolo
Latin IV: Mac Croom
The Ruth Cook Benson Latin V Award: Charlotte Strippel
Spanish I: Nelly Ineza
Spanish II: Iliana Pate
Spanish III: Ryan Ostrowski
Spanish IV: Hannah Warmbrod
The Bun Pickering Spanish V Award: Luciana Mollica 

Science Awards
The John David Owsley Conceptual Physics Award:
Emily Bailey
Biology: Riley Burnette
The Lisa Keith-Lucas Chemistry Award: Tyler Rodgers
Advanced Biology: Aidan Smith
Advanced Chemistry: Justine Rogers
The Michael S. Dalton Award for Excellence in Physics: Aidan Smith

History Awards
History 9 Award:
Shiv Patel
The Margaret Duncan Binnicker History 10 Award: Mac Croom
United States History: Abi Cassell

Mathematics Awards
Algebra I:
Verena Pate
Geometry: Shiv Patel
Algebra II: Breezy Rollins
Advanced Algebra II: Erin Mattingly
Algebra III: Anna Post
Statistics & Probability: Lizzie Sluser
Advanced Statistics: Kendale James
Pre-Calculus: Justine Rogers
The Sarah McPherson Carlos Calculus Award: Gabriel Pongdee

English Awards
English 9:
Verena Pate
English 10: Charlie Barron
The Frank Phillips White 11th Grade English Award: Justine Rogers

The Danny Griffiths Award for Excellence in English is given to a senior who has demonstrated versatility and excellence in writing.  The award this year goes to Lucy Carroll.

The Andrew Nelson Lytle Writing Award is an award given each year to the student whose fiction is judged to be worthy of note.  The award this year goes to Serena Zeng.

The James Agee Award for Non-Fiction is given by Robin Hemley, St. Andrew’s School, Class of 1976, to the student whose non-fiction writing is judged to be worthy of note.  The award this year goes to Evan Fox.

The Sewanee Poetry Award for outstanding original poetry grew out of one Sewanee Military Academy cadet's sense of gratitude for the special climate of creativity nurtured by his teachers at SMA.  The award this year goes to Katie Finn Hurst.

Religion Awards
The William S. Wade Religious Studies Award:
  Lucy Carroll        

University Course Enrollment

Students enrolled in courses this year at the University of the South:        

Cate Bachman: Elementary Spanish I, Introduction to Educational Psychology
Lucy Carroll: Intermediate Arabic I, Introduction to Political Theory
Michael Chen: Introduction to Educational Psychology, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations
Chole Fontenelle: Elementary Arabic I and II, Introduction to Political Theory
Evan Fox: American Government and Politics
Harrison Hartman: Elementary Arabic I and II, Introduction to Political Theory
Sarah Beth Hobby: Comparative Politics
Nathan King: Introduction to Macroeconomics
Zolon Knoll: Elementary German I and II
Jerry Lin: Elementary German I and II
Saje Mangru: Elementary Russian I
Gabriel Pongdee: Advanced General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry I
Emily Ren: Ancient Philosophy
Tessa Shackelford: Studies in Fiction
Aidan Smith: Introduction to Political Theory
Jiaying Yang: Calculus II, Discrete Math Structures, Literature and Composition
Serena Zeng: Utopias and Dystopias, World Politics

Cum Laude Society
Student inductees of the Cum Laude Society are Tessa Shackelford, Sarah Grace Burns, Porter Neubauer, and Justine Rogers. The Cum Laude Society president for 2020-21 is Justine Rogers.

Honor Student Awards
Honor students with the highest academic average for the year:
9th Grade: Verena Pate and Shiv Patel
10th Grade: Mac Croom
11th Grade: Justine Rogers
12th Grade: Gabriel Pongdee 

Salutatorian Award: Aidan Smith
Valedictorian Award: Gabriel Pongdee


SMA Class of 1946 Junior Leadership Award is presented to the individual whose ability to lead and inspire others (by honor, patriotism, self-discipline, integrity, comradeship, and responsibility) has contributed significantly to the life of the school: This year’s award goes to Sarah Grace Burns

Josephus Conn Guild Colmore Jr. Award is presented in loving memory of Josh Colmore, Class of 1995, who died in an automobile accident just two months after he graduated from St. Andrew’s-Sewanee.  After an uncertain beginning, Josh found direction, real purpose, and new strength in himself.  During his years at SAS his life became more centered, and his joyful spirit touched all in the community.      

This award is given annually to the rising senior student who is following along this path, in recognition of the struggles of the past and in celebration of the successes already attained and those that will surely follow.  The award this year goes to Malachi McKinney 

The Sewanee Military Academy Memorial Merit Award
Selected by alumni of Sewanee Military Academy, this award is presented annually to the student who has displayed athletic proficiency, academic excellence, and, above all, outstanding character in all actions both within and outside of our school community.  The recipient this year of the Sewanee Military Academy Award is Saje Mangru.



The Betty Guyear Condra Perseverance Award is given by the faculty to the individual whose perseverance in academics and extra-curricular activities is outstanding.  This year’s recipient is Grange Wengraf-Simons. 

The Lulu Hampton Owen Service Award is given by the faculty to the individual who has shown outstanding service to the school and to the community-at-large.  This year's recipient of the Owen Service Award is Van Carlton Shanahan.

Day Student Award is given by the faculty to the individual whose character and involvement in the life of the school have contributed significantly to our community.  This year’s recipient is Harrison Hartman. 

Boarding Student Award is given by the faculty to the individual whose character and involvement in the life of the school have contributed significantly to our community.  This year’s recipient is George Meng.

Head of School Cup is given by the faculty to the individual whose achievements in academics, in extra-curricular activities, and in service to St. Andrew's-Sewanee are outstanding.  This year the Head of School’s Award recipient is Sarah Beth Hobby

Finally, sisters and brothers, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honorable, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. The things which ye both learned and received and heard and saw, these things do. And the God of peace shall be with you.  Amen.