Challenge Balance Joy

Established in 1868, St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School is dedicated to inspiring students to live lives of active curiosity and loving service. We challenge our students to fulfill their greatest potential while helping them to cultivate lives of balance and joy.

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Whether you're looking for more challenge or more support, SAS is committed to preparing you for lifelong success. 

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At SAS, the arts aren't extra. From the clay room to the recording studio, our students create. 

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Student Life

Our students come from Tennessee towns and Shanghai high rises, German cities and Alabama farms. 

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Our 550-acre campus provides abundant opportunities for outdoor adventure. 

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Summer is a great time to enjoy all that SAS has to offer. 

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Our teams include state-bound elite athletes and students who are experiencing a new sport for the first time. 

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In Their Own Words

Emma Greer '22, Appalachian State University '26

“Now, after almost two years of living with my best friends and experiencing genuine excitement for school, I truly cannot imagine a life without SAS. It has completely and utterly amazed me.” 

Curtis Gill '21, Middle Tennessee State University '25
"SAS has a special energy, it is remarkable to see so many people who really care about their work and their pursuits. I think it connects us all in a way, everyone is a piece in this project."
Jayla McLaurin '20, University of New Mexico '24
“SAS is a place unlike any other. The love and growth I've experienced here are unparalleled by any other community I've been a part of. From building relationships with teachers and peers to finding a balance between work and play, SAS provides the perfect atmosphere to cultivate your best self."
Carolyn Bruce '18, Rhodes College '22

“SAS taught me hard work and diligence, leadership and creativity, how to celebrate success and how to pick myself up from failure. But what I believe makes St. Andrew's-Sewanee such a unique and remarkable place is that this school taught me how to love myself, my peers, my teachers, my coaches, my community, and my world.” 

St. Andrew's-Sewanee School does not discriminate based on race, creed, color, religious belief, gender, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, status with regard to public assistance, veteran status or any other protected class pursuant to applicable local, state or federal laws.