St. Andrew's-Sewanee students develop leadership skills through clubs, class activities, sports, and participation in student/faculty committees. Being selected to serve as a Proctor, an SAS Ambassador, or a member of the Honor Council is regarded as one of the highest forms of recognition a student may earn.


To be a Proctor is the most coveted of all SAS leadership positions. Elected in the spring of their junior year by fellow students and faculty, the Proctors serve through their senior year, offering support in our residential houses and during evenings and weekends. Proctors receive leadership training and engage in activities designed to strengthen the group's connections to one another. Proctors plan and execute Weekend Activities, monitor the student union on the weekends, assist the Teacher-in-Charge with student checkouts, supervise students studying in Simmonds Hall on weeknights, and run the new student retreat. If it sounds like a lot of work and responsibility, it is.

2022-2023 Proctors

Abbott Root (President), Annabett Bridgers, Luca Malde, Libby Neubauer, Ryan Ostrowski, Shiv Patel, Madeline Sumpter

The Honor Council

The Honor Council upholds and adjudicates issues of the Honor Code, the system by which SAS fosters a community of trust. The five seniors, three juniors, and one sophomore members of the Council are nominated by the faculty and staff and voted on by the faculty. The Council conducts hearings for Upper School students accused of an Honor Code violation, offers penalty recommendations, promotes the ideals of integrity in the student body, and educates the community about the Honor Code. Members are expected to conduct themselves honorably, setting an example for honesty and maturity both in and out of school, and be willing to help guide all students to better understand the Honor System’s standards and purpose. 

2022-2023 Honor Council

Luca Malde (President), Will Hernandez '24, Tom Karanja '25, Reese Michaels '24, Madeline Sumpter '23, Hadlee Hale '24, Isabel Patterson '23, Ryan Ostrowski '23

Our Honor Council Explains the Honor Code

The Conduct Council

Our Episcopal identity values openness, trust, and forgiveness. The Conduct Council may deliberate cases involving major violations or repeated minor violations. It seeks to heal fractured relationships that may arise from these violations through restorative justice principles and other measures. The Conduct Council is comprised of faculty advisors as well as elected students: five seniors, three juniors, and one sophomore. Qualified students demonstrate maturity and care for the wellbeing of the SAS community. Qualified students also practice discretion while managing confidential information and responding with empathy to the challenges, struggles, and mistakes of other students.

2022-2023 Conduct Council

Annabett Bridgers (President), Hadlee Hale '24, Will Hernandez '24, Ellie Jenkins '24, Tom Karanja '25, Amoriae McKinney-Bailey '23, Elisabeth Perkins '25, Abbott Root '23, Reese Michaels '24, Isabel Patterson '23, Lexi Taylor '23

SAS Ambassadors

Chances are that the first person you'll meet at SAS will be one of our Ambassadors. The Ambassadors are a group of more than 30 students in grades 9-12 chosen to give tours to prospective students and their families and to serve at school functions. Ambassadors are chosen by application and teacher recommendation. This is a great leadership opportunity for students who are outgoing, friendly, and love to be the first person to welcome the "new kid on the block."

2022-2023 Ambassadors

12th Grade: Abbott Root, Audrey Ward, Emily Bailey, Graeden Miller, Josie Willis, Lexi Phares, Lexi Taylor, Libby Neubauer, Luca Malde, Pierra Mutavu, Ronny Ishimwe, Shiv Patel, Taylor Irwin, Thomas Billups

11th Grade: Dimitri Sherrill, Ellie Jenkins, Ethan Allen, Reese Michaels, Sarah Grace Powell

10th Grade: Elisabeth Perkins, Emma Wockasen, Finnegan Hart, Fiona Reynolds, Gabin Mugisha, Prem Patel, Toby Van de Ven

9th Grade: Caroline Neubauer, Eli Matthews, Elijah Stark, Eliza Griffey, Ketiah Inganji, Keziah Ingeli, Kiran Malde

Middle School: Mercedes Rodriguez '27, Trinity Sparacio '27, Addy Knight '28, Adeline Pond '28, Catherine Barnett '28, Ella Matthews '28, Lily Camp '28, Lyrah Spake '28

Team Captains and Club Presidents

Each of the school's middle school and varsity teams elect team captains at the beginning of the season. The captains help to lead drills, encourage attendance at athletic contests, and report scores and achievements in Chapel gatherings. Many of the school's clubs also have elected officers or designated leaders.

Student Athlete Leadership Team

The Student Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) brings together student athletes from different teams to talk about their experiences in SAS athletics. SAS coaches nominate athletes based on their leadership potential, influence as role models, and commitment to their team. The goals of the organization is to: 

  • Give our athletes a voice and an opportunity to share their stories.
  • Bring our athletes together and show support for each team.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Move SAS athletics forward.
  • Serve our community.

Honors Day

Several Award Cups

In addition to recognizing the contributions of our Proctors and Honor Council members, Honors Day provides an annual opportunity to recognize students for their leadership in the community, the classroom and on the playing fields. Annual awards include:

The Betty Guyear Condra Perseverance Award recognizes the individual whose perseverance in academics and extra-curricular activities is outstanding.

The Lulu Hampton Owen Service Award is presented to the student who has shown outstanding service to the school and to the community-at-large.

The Day Student Award is given to the individual whose character and involvement in the life of the school have contributed significantly to our community.

The Boarding Student Award is given to the individual whose character and involvement in the life of the school have contributed significantly to our community.

The Head of School's Award is given to the student whose achievements in academics, in extra-curricular activities, and in service to St. Andrew's-Sewanee are outstanding.

The SMA Class of 1946 Junior Leadership Award is presented to the individual whose ability to lead and to inspire others has contributed significantly to the life of the school.

The SMA Memorial Merit Award is presented to the student who has displayed athletic proficiency, academic excellent, and, above all, outstanding character in all actions both within and outside of the school community.

The Cum Laude Society is a national academic honor society. Membership also requires demonstration of good character, honor and integrity. The top 10% of the junior class and the top 20% of the senior class are eligible for induction.

Eagle Scouts

Since 1999, SAS's Troop 14 has graduated more than 41 Eagle Scouts, the highest rank in scouting.