For the first time, my daughter is taking classes that are catered to her needs, ability, and curiosity from teachers who have and take the time to make sure she feels important.  She is being challenged, is meeting those challenges, and is building not just knowledge, but confidence in herself and her potential.

Like every conversation a parent has with their children, the first question is, “How are you?”  My daughter’s response every time is an enthusiastic, “Great!”

Harry Root, parent

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The Path
by Caleb Simmons '22

A road of orange and tan,
Highlighted by green and gray,
It’s a beautiful walk,
Just not during a rainy day.

There’s a place of study to the north,
Athletes and Acting to the south,
And everyday I go back and forth,
Stopping only in between to feed my mouth.

Now there’s a message to send
To all who are interested,
About which school to attend,
And I’ll tell ya,
Along that path you’ll win.

You can learn what you desire,
It can be writing or science,
Like the physics of fire,
Or maybe History and Art,
Like being in a play,
And acting as an important part.

You can swim, run, and jump,
Even throw, takedown, or ride,
But we all work together,
Building talent, strategy, and pride
We’re all each one piece of a whole
And yet we take it in stride.

The Path doesn’t bring everyone,
But for all this school holds dear,
The one message we send,
Is that “You Belong Here”.