Our People

Bouldering with your humanities teacher. Attending a pro soccer game with your advisor. Cooking with your college counselor. At St. Andrew's-Sewanee, education goes well beyond the classroom under the guidance of teachers who pride themselves on catalyzing and modeling lifelong learning. SAS teachers inspire students to be well-rounded and thoughtful world citizens.

More than 60% of our teachers live on campus and the others might as well.

  • SAS teachers and staff members come out to cheer on teams, attend school concerts and plays, and enjoy meals in the dining hall.
  • All faculty members serve as faculty advisors and many serve as coaches or houseparents.
  • The faculty, staff and students come together to form a community that works together, learns together, plays together, and worships together.
  • You can count on an SAS faculty member to be there when you're in need of a little wisdom – whether it's figuring out how to get your research paper started or trying to negotiate a difficult social situation.

Few schools offer and encourage the kind of deep, honest relationships that St. Andrew's-Sewanee students enjoy with the adults on our campus; few schools demand the nearly 24-hour-a-day attention that our students receive from our faculty.

All of my teachers at SAS have been extremely kind, understanding, and supportive. The relationship you develop with teachers at SAS is one of the best parts of attending the school. - Tyeler Rawlins '18

Well-Educated and Experienced

  • St. Andrew's-Sewanee teachers received their education at some of the best colleges and universities in the country.
  • They are former Peace Corps volunteers, professional artists, long distance runners, mountain bikers, writers, and world travelers.
  • 53% of the faculty holds advanced degrees.
  • SAS teachers have, on average, 13 years of teaching experience.


Thank you for helping our kids develop a strong sense of self, and strong sense of place, and with this foundation, a realization that they are part of a greater whole. And—thank you for doing this all tirelessly, patiently, professionally, with wisdom, and a sense of humor. ~ Dr. Amy Evans, on behalf of the SAS Parents

And Still Learning

  • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), part of our faculty observation and professional growth plan, capitalize on the collegial nature of the SAS faculty and ensures that all faculty participate in a continual program of professional development. Each PLC is made up of 5-6 faculty members representing a variety of disciplines, grade levels, and experience. PLCs gather formally several times per year and conduct mini-class visits to each other's classrooms throughout the year. PLC members have the opportunity to exchange teaching and classroom management strategies, discuss pedagogy, and create shared objectives grounded in the principles of challenge, balance and joy. 
  • SAS teachers are lifelong learners and expand their knowledge and experiences through school-supported travel, workshop attendance, and the pursuit of advanced degrees.