Graduation Requirements

To receive their high school diploma, Upper School students are expected to have a minimum of 20.5 credits, including:
English: 4 credits 
Math: 3 credits, beginning with Algebra I (4 credits are strongly recommended) 
Science & Technology: 3.5 credits (Technology & Information Literacy [.5 credits], Conceptual Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) 
History: 3 credits, including U.S. History 
Language: 2 consecutive credits in the same language (in grades 9-12) 
Arts: 1 credit 
Religion: 1 credit (Religious Studies) 
Wellness: .5 credit (Health and Fitness) 
Electives: 2.5 credits 
Total required for graduation: 20.5 credits and 15 Hours of Community Service/Year Enrolled

We don't stop there

Traditionally, students go well beyond fulfilling minimum requirements and partake in electives, including Environmental History, Political Action, Environmental Studies, Field Geology, a variety of visual and performing arts courses, advanced science courses, and a multitude of independent advanced-study opportunities.

Standard Upper School Course of Study

9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Literary Studies Global Literature English (2) or Place-Based American Studies English (2)
Historical Studies Global History U.S. History or Place-Based American Studies Religious Studies
Math Math Math 3rd Class
Conceptual Physics Chemistry Biology 4th Class
Language Language 5th class 5th class
Health and Fitness/Arts/Technology & Information Literacy Arts/Technology & Information Literacy 6th class, encouraged 6th class, optional
Afternoon Programs (3) Afternoon Programs (3) Afternoon Programs (2-3) Afternoon Programs (2-3)
Community Service (15 Hours) Community Service (15 Hours) Community Service (15 Hours) Community Service (15 Hours)

2024-2025 Course Catalog

First page of the PDF file: 2024-25CourseOfferingsCatalogSandyr0417

Advanced Courses

SAS offers advanced courses in physics, chemistry, and biology as well as allowing juniors and seniors to choose from an array of English courses and history electives.

College Courses

Outstanding juniors and seniors are encouraged to take college courses for credit (and for free) at the University of the South, one of the country's top liberal arts colleges. SAS students learn to hold their own and excel in a college setting with college-aged classmates. Students learn to balance a college course workload and to communicate with college professors before getting to college. In recent years, 32% of the senior class has graduated with college credit.

One Schoolhouse

One Schoolhouse is an educational organization that provides personalized, competency-based, and learner driven online courses and programs for students and educators. 

Through SAS's One Schoolhouse consortium membership, our students receive discounted course tuition for acceleration during the summer, independent study during the school year, or to solve a schedule conflict. One Schoolhouse courses are included on the SAS transcript.

One Schoolhouse professional development opportunities provide our faculty with best practice approaches in the classroom and a network of independent school educators.

One Schoolhouse is fully accredited with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools & the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Core courses are approved by the NCAA.