Language and Culture Studies

Two years of study in the same language (Latin or Spanish) at the upper school level are required for graduation. The Spanish is conversation based and conducted in Spanish beginning with the first year classes. Latin is taught as a flipped classroom that allows students to learn at their own pace using principles of differentiated instruction. 

2024-2025 Latin Courses

SAS offers three Upper School Latin classes that cover four levels: Beginning Latin, Intermediate Latin, Advanced Latin I and II. Fifth and 6th level students will be directed to university language courses or independent study options. The four levels in the three courses correspond to the Cambridge Latin Course Units I through IV, descriptions of which follow. Students at an average pace will finish roughly one Unit per year, but they may be able to accelerate and advance at a faster pace.

All three classes are flipped classrooms with options that allow students to learn at their own pace using principles of differentiated instruction. Each class day is preceded by students being introduced to the next day's new linguistic principle or lesson. Introductions may be short videos, hard-copy handouts, or even oral presentations during the prior class. The next class day, students work on the new principle and submit written evaluations. Each Stage (chapter) is divided into consistent categories: vocabulary, narrative readings, grammar, and culture. The teacher works with individuals or small groups to help resolve issues before moving to the next stage.

2024-2025 Spanish Courses

Aspire to be a polyglot? In addition to continued study in Latin and Spanish, qualified students may pursue language study at the University of the South in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, and/or Russian.

Language & Culture Studies Faculty

Tara Bonds

Tara Bonds

Titles: Latin
Degrees: PH.D., Humanities with concentration in Classics, minor in Medieval Culture, Florida State University
M.A., Classics, Florida State University
Graduate, Museum Studies, Florida State University
B.A., History and Classics, University of South Florida
Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson

Titles: Spanish, Head Golf Coach, Chair of the Language and Cultural Studies
Degrees: PH.D., Linguistic, Literary, and Cultural Studies, University of Miami
M.A., Latin American Studies, University of New Mexico
M.A., Spanish and Portuguese, University of New Mexico
B.A., History and Spanish, Aquinas College
Rafael Lomeli

Rafael Lomeli

Titles: Spanish, Assistant Mountain Biking Coach, Assistant Middle School Boys' Soccer Coach
Degrees: B.A., Fine/Studio Arts, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
B.A., Graphic Design, Universidad de Estudios Avanzados