Planned Giving

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Planned giving allows you to leave a legacy to a favorite cause, like SAS, beyond your lifetime, and, depending on the nature of your gift, you may be able to increase your retirement income and/or receive certain tax advantages.

Whether you are 30 or 70, there are important considerations to securing a strong future for you, your loved ones, and SAS. More than 100 alumni and friends have turned to us for help. Let us be a partner in your planning.

Common Methods of Planned Gifts


One of the simplest ways to support SAS is to make the School a beneficiary in your will by directing a specific sum or percentage of your estate.  Your attorney may want to contact us for recommendations on language and stipulations in the will document and for seeing your gifting goals are documented.

Full Legal Name and Federal Tax Identification Number
  • Full Legal Name:  St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School
  • Federal Tax Identification Number:  62-0475694
Sample Bequest Language

For attorneys and planners, we suggest the following sample language for bequests:

Unrestricted Bequest

“I give and bequeath to St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School in Sewanee, Tennessee, the sum of xxx dollars. This gift shall be used to further the educational mission of St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School in such a manner as the Board of Trustees may direct.”

You might choose to replace “the sum of xxx dollars” with one of the following:

“xx percent of my adjusted gross estate” “all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate” or “xx percent of my residuary estate”

Bequest Restricted for Endowment

If you are interested in establishing a named endowment for scholarships, faculty professional development, or other areas, please contact the Advancement staff for criteria including gift minimums.

“I give and bequeath to St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School (SAS) in Sewanee, Tennessee, the sum of xxx dollars to create an endowed fund to be named xxx, which shall be invested as the Board of Trustees may deem best. Distributions from the endowed fund shall be made each year in accordance with the spending policies of the School and shall be used for [area of support] at St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School. The fund, for purposes of investment, may be combined with other funds of the St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School, but the fund shall be separately accounted for.”

Again, you might choose to replace “the sum of xxx dollars” with one of the following:

“xx percent of my adjusted gross estate” “all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate” or “xx percent of my residuary estate”

Codicil to Last Will and Testament

If your estate planning documents are up to date, you can simply draft a short codicil or amendment to the existing documents, using this or similar language:

“I, [name], hereby amend my Last Will and Testament, executed on [date]. I direct that all provisions of that Will remain in effect, but in addition direct that St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School in Sewanee, Tennessee shall receive the sum of xxx dollars to be used to further the educational mission of the School in such a manner as the Board of Trustees may direct.”

Savings Clause

We recommend that restriction on gifts be stated in broad and flexible terms, since the School’s  specific needs may change over time. If your bequest is restricted for a particular purpose, we ask that you incorporate a “savings clause,” which might read as follows:

“If at the time this bequest is received by St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School, or any time thereafter, the Board of Trustees of the School determines that all or any part of the bequest can no longer be utilized to best advantage for the institutional purpose designated herein, then all or any part of the bequest may be used for such other institutional purpose which, in the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees, shall most closely carry out my intention.”

Beneficiary Designations

If you have retirement plans, IRAs, or life insurance policies, it is simple to make St. Andrew’s-Sewanee a beneficiary of those plans. Please contact us for information about documenting your philanthropic intentions.

Life Income Gifts

Life Income Gifts offer ways to make a gift to SAS and still receive significant benefits in return. SAS accepts three types of life income gifts, which can compensate you for a set period of time while benefiting the School. The term can be measured by your lifetime, a spouse or other person’s lifetime, or a term of years.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
Charitable Lead Trusts
Charitable Gift Annuities

Real Estate and Retained Life Estate Planned Gifts

Under certain circumstances, St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School will accept gifts of real estate and make provisions for you to retain use of the property for your lifetime.  Farms, vacation properties, even your home can make mutually beneficial gifts to the School, generate a significant tax deduction, while allowing you to have use of the property for your lifetime. (Donors are responsible for costs relating to maintenance, taxes, etc. during their lifetime.)

The Mountain Society

The Mountain Society recognizes alumni and friends who have made provisions for the school in their estate plans.  One of the goals of the Chapel Campaign is to assure the chapel’s continued presence as the focus for sacred community on our campus through the establishment of an endowment for the building’s ongoing care.  Planned giving presents an opportunity to provide for the stewardship of this historic and important structure. 

Mountain Society Members (as of 11/5/19)


Anonymous (10)
David A. Allen StA '77
Suzanne E. Angele '91
Margaret D. Beasley
Jeff and Leslie Bell
The Rev. and Mrs. James R. Boyd StA '65
Susie Clark Smith Brighton SMS '59
The Rev. and Mrs. J. Thompson Brown (Ann Robinson SMS '50)
The Rev. Drew Bunting '93 and The Rev. April Berends
Maria B. Campbell
The Rev. Peter F. Casparian StA '68
Robert M. Clinkscale
Bill and Owene Courtney
The Rev. Senter Cawthon Crook
John Landon Davis StA '74
O. H. Eaton, Jr. SMA '61
Sandra Haverstick Fancher SMS '63
Michael P. Finney SMA '61
Dawn Davis Flannes
Michael S. Flannes SMA '69
Doctors Nathan & Katrena Floyd
The Rev. Dr. W. Patrick Gahan III StA '73
Anne F. Griffin
Shore B. Griffin '84


Henry and Kathy Hamman StA '64
Roy and Carol Hancock
William B. Hayley SMA '65
Alice S. Haynes
Raymond B. Hester SMA '61
Phebe Carter Hethcock
Franklin Hildebrand
Tom Houston StA '59
Dale Jackson StA '71
John J. Kenna StA '79
Stephen P. Kennard StA '59
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Kilpatrick StA '63
Dr. Brian J. Kistenmacher SMA '71
The Rev. Thomas E. Macfie, Jr. and Dr. Pamela R. Macfie
Ellis O. Mayfield
Martha Rhodes McLendon '93
Lawrence and Barbara Meyer
Amelia L. Montjoy
W. Bradley Munroe, Jr. StA '59
Jack A. Northrop StA '59
Burt O'Donald StA '59
Teresa Outlaw StA '82
Dr. Ted SA '75 and Lyn Owen
Gregory Keith and Flo B. Palmer
Whitfield M. Palmer, Jr. SMA '47
Robert E. and Suzanne Parsons
Allison and Pratt Paterson
Keri Michelle Peardon SAS '97
Harvey and Sharon Piazza StA ’59
John W. Porter, Jr. SMA '52
Ariel and David Poss


Dick and Lorraine Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Robinson StA '52
Rhoda and B.W. Ruffner
Greg Scheuerman StA '68
H. Katharine Sheeler StA '81
Heidi Hanger Simmonds SMS '61
W. Andrew Simmonds StA '61
C. McFerrin Smith III StA '63
Lynn H. Smith
John Stamps
Bill F. Tait, Jr. StA '67
Eugene S. Taylor '83
W. Allen Taylor SMA '60
E. Christine Teasley
Jack Toland StA '51
Christopher R. and Katherine Ide Tompkins
Dr. and Mrs. William W. Turner, Jr. SMA '65
Marleen Allen Varner
The Rev. and Mrs. William S. Wade
Bayard H. Walters SMA '59
Anna S. Watkins StA '80
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Wheeler '83
Captain and Mrs. Richard C. Williams III StA '59
Polly Withey
Gardner and Judy Wright StA ’59
John Stoufer Zeigel StA '52

St. Andrews-Sewanee School has been a “belly-button” in my personal and spiritual journey. By that I mean that it is both the experience and a place that I refer to when I think about the formative values and commitments in my life that shape my direction and decisions. For that reason, I want to ensure other students who are and will be coming along have some of the same opportunities I had and so I have joyfully set aside a percentage of my estate to go to the school upon my death.
The Rev. James Boyd, StA ’65, Mountain Society Member

We're here to help!

Lesley Cole

Lesley Cole

Director of Advancement

Lesley Cole joined SAS as Director of Advancement in 2018. She has an extensive background in the non-profit and corporate sectors. As Director of Development for Oglethorpe University, she helped to set the strategic direction for the Development and Alumni Relations department. During her tenure, Oglethorpe successfully concluded major campaigns of $50 million and $20 million. In her previous position as Director of the Annual Fund at Oglethorpe, Lesley managed multiple record-setting Annual Funds. Before joining Oglethorpe, she served as Lakeview Academy's Director of Development and managed domestic and international projects for National Data Corporation. She enjoys travel and hiking and is currently working on her first novel.