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The SAS Fund

Through the SAS Fund, our annual giving program, alumni, families, and friends make an immediate impact on the lives of all SAS students and faculty members. Your gifts help to carry on the more than 150-year legacy of exceptional education on the Mountain and reach every corner of our 550-acre campus. Your support provides:

  • Curricular Enhancements
  • Scholarships
  • Athletic and Outdoor Programming
  • Art Supplies
  • Theater Production Materials
  • Faculty and Staff Development
  • Building Upkeep
  • And much more!

Thank you for your generosity!

2020-2021 SAS Fund Leadership

The success of the SAS Fund campaign is dependent upon the work and dedication of volunteers representing alumni, friends, faculty and staff, parents, grandparents and trustees. The school is very grateful for its enthusiastic and loyal volunteers. Please contact us if you would like more information regarding SAS Fund leadership opportunities at SAS.

Cornerstone Society Chair

H. Katharine Sheeler StA '81

Alumni Co-Chairs

Monica Villa Bayarri '04
Peter Casparian StA '68
Jane S. DeLung SMS '62
Will Hayley SMA '65
George C. Myers SA '74
Garner Nottingham '16
Aggie Wright Stephenson '01

Faculty and Staff Co-Chairs

Derek and Kim Perkins

Upper School Parent Co-Chairs

Chris Crigger and Bess Turner

Middle School Parent Co-Chairs

Jason Griffey and Betsy Sandlin

Grandparent Co-Chairs

John and Tan Hille

I became what I am largely on the strength of what I learned and experienced at St. Andrew's. My education and values were set there; my faith was confirmed there. How does one pay back their family and such a large part of their youth? Little by little, with whatever meager contributions can be made. I wish I could do more. May God bless SAS and all who make it what it is. McFerrin Smith, StA '63

Stephen Brehm

Stephen Brehm

Assistant Director of Advancement, Residential Faculty