Student Life

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Our students come from Tennessee towns and Shanghai high rises, German cities and Alabama farms. Our faculty, half of whom live on campus, have been educated around the world. It gives our campus a small town friendliness with a world wise sophistication. We live together to learn from one another, and our diverse experiences always keep things interesting.

On fall days, students gather in the Adirondack chairs in the main quad to strum guitars or share stories. The picnic tables fill with students bringing their lunch outside to enjoy the breeze under the trees. When the Sewanee fog rolls in, the social scene moves to Owen Student Union where students sip hot cocoa in front of a warm fire. Spring finds us hiking our trails, on the beach volleyball court, and gathered around bonfires at the fire pit.

Upcoming Student Activities

I came to SAS after Hurricane Katrina. Determined that we would be going home and being generally shy, I refused to make friends. I would read all of the time and sit by myself at lunch. The students wouldn't let me be antisocial. People came to sit with me and took a real interest in me. This is a truly amazing place full of interesting, interested people.

Carly Westling '09, Middlebury College '12